Silhouette Window Shadings

Silhouette® window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane™, offer many beautiful fabrics and applications.

UltraGlide 2 Click and Walk Away™
Lower and tilt shadings with one click, and raise shadings with short strokes of the retractable cord.

Raise, lower and tilt shadings with no cords.

Continuous cord loop makes it easy to lift large shadings.

Grandiose Shadings with EasyRise
Option for larger 3" vane shadings by utilizing the 4" Quartette headrail. Available in select 3" vane fabrics.

Two-On-One Headrail
Two shadings share the same headrail; each shading operates independently.

Tilt-Only, Tilt-Only Low-Profile
For narrow windows. Vanes tilt, but shadings remain lowered.

PowerView Motorization
Our state-of-the-art PowerView battery-powered system offers convenience with the touch of a button.

New! Duolite Window Shadings
Silhouette shading and roller shade in one integrated roller with single control operation; utilizes the Quartette headrail.

A Deux Window Shadings
Silhouette shading and roller shade in a single headrail with independent operation.